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iain sinclair in talk


Ghost in Place: Fiction as an innovative tool for architecture and urban research.


Iain Sinclair will give a talk on how fiction and literature in general can be an innovative tool for architecture and urban research. His work on London shows a particularly interesting way to explore and (re)discover the city. As a walker, writer and poet he will bring forward a unique opening on the city that goes beyond the flâneur-surrealist-situationist tradition.

The public talk will be the conclusion of an intensive workshop delivered by peachlab to the SIP.19 during the first week of April, in which students will have to create an architectural fiction around an object they find in the city.

Iain Sinclair is invited by peachlab, Patrice Neirinck and his studio Art, Paysage, Architecture APA within the SIP.19.

KUL-UCL-ULB Interfaculty lab in architecture:


format directed and theme curated by Marc Godts.

CIVA-KANAL - APRIL 4TH 2019 - 19:00


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