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1777 | the possibility of a simultaneous anachronism

SIP.22. Faculté d'architecture La Cambre-Horta ULB

1777 is an exercise in making architecture for architecture's sake, in which the student is asked to develop a space of fascination. The project explores the possibility of simultaneously experiencing in the same space several eras through which the same space has passed throughout its history. In other words, to live at a given moment in time the spatial experience of superimposing the supermarket in which we do our shopping in 2022, the adjoining living room of a Brussels house in 1950 and the stables of a barn in 1870, having existed in one and the same place in the city.

Based on this spatial hypothesis, Peachlab offers the student a process that straddles anastylosis, fiction and uchrony. The student is led to manipulate the buried strata of the city of Brussels, his memories, his spatial desires and a set of Boolean operations, in order to create an Other spatiality.

This process excludes a large part of the unknowns linked to the architectural project and invites the student to participate only in the fabrication part around themes such as architectonics, geometry, proportion or hierarchy of composition.

This year, the two sites selected for the project are the former Dexia building in Rue de Ligne - Rue de la Banque and the corner building on Boulevard Lemonnier and the Brussels inner ring road.

team : Coralie Berthelé, Lina Bentaleb, Mihai Pop, Tomás Barberá Ramallo, Yuli Nagata

students: Axel Wlody, Cathrine Yang, Clelia Barberá Ramallo, Clémence Grand, Dilan Imbaquimbo, Dina El Khattabi, Johanna Fernández, Karim Hanotiaux, Loïc Mabire, Nathan Gatignol, Salwa Biyadi

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