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/kek/: enquête architecturale

SIP.21, Architecture Faculty La Cambre-Horta ULB

Workshop that took place during the intensive week of pedagogical innovation organised by the Faculty of Architecture of La Cambre-Horta in Brussels, in which an architectural investigation is conducted around a fragment of the city. Through walking, the student confronts the city, surveys it and discovers details of everyday life that were previously invisible. Among these discoveries, the choice of an intriguing intriguing element triggers the obsession of an investigation mixing reality and fiction. This obsession unfolds on an interface, the Evidence Board, which allows the data of the investigation to be accumulated. Different levels of narrative take place there; the factual situation of the situation of the element discovered, archives, historical historical documents, articles, personal speculations, ... This space is fed throughout the investigation with and collective discussions. The Evidence board, imported into the world of architecture is intended to offer a form of plurality of architectural representation architectural representation in order to explore a new type of narrative of the project.

team: équipe : Coralie Berthelé, Jonathan Van Saet, Tomás Barberá Ramallo, Louis Villé, Yuli Nagata

investigations: Amina Belguendouz, Elias Chabbi, Malo Cherel, Loïc Gras, Karim Hanotiaux, Mohammadreza Khavand Ghassroldashti, Mohamed Jihed Merahi, Alicia Plaza, Tejhay Pinherio Albia, Xhenisa Sefa, Julian Zhang.

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