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Workshop in SIP.19, Faculty of Architecture

La Cambre-Horta ULB

Students were invited to create an architectural fiction around an element of the city. It all starts with a walk  during which the student confronts the city, walks through, discovers, observes it... He chooses an element that he finds interesting and intriguing, an object that inspires him to create a fiction. During a week of meetings with external contributors (Iain Sinclair & Paul P D'Haese), of work and reflection on the architectural details and curiosities that shape the city, the student proposes, by means of three narrative mediums - a model, a text and an image - an architectural fiction around the chosen element.

fictions by: Mahili Feugarol, Laura Saussez, Clémence Ridel, Thom Pennesi, Yuli Nagata, Mihai Pop, Tejhay Pinheiro Albia, Laurane Gossart, Charlotte Angerand, Kelly Maxell, Florian Mullié

lecture retranscription in the booklet: Iain Sinclair

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